Fighting for the Citizens of Flint! Doing the RIGHT THING for You!

My first order of business at Flint City Hall was to declare a “State of Emergency” for Flint residents because of lead levels in the water.  I recognized that this was the RIGHT THING to do for Flint residents, so I did it.

While members of the Flint City Council recognized that something was wrong with the water, many of them lacked the courage and political will to do the RIGHT THING for the residents of Flint.  Why would you trust your public health and safety to someone who lacks the courage to do the RIGHT THING for Flint?

I recognize that more than 5,000 Flint residents shared their vision for the City of Flint through the Imagine Flint Master Plan.  As a result of that loud vote for the future of Flint, my administration continues to work closely with the Genesee County Land Bank and the City of Flint Planning Department to implement that plan because it’s the RIGHT THING to do for the residents of Flint.

I appointed a Fire Chief who is committed to doing the RIGHT THING for Flint.  Upon being sworn in to his new role, he immediately started to write a SAFER Grant that would allow Flint to hire 33 new Fire Fighters.  In July of this year, 41 new Fire Fighters graduated from the Academy with 24 of them being Flint residents.  The Fire Chief moved on these items because he understood that it was the RIGHT THING to do for Flint.

My Police Chief re-established the Crime Area Target Team (CATT) because we were not taking a pro-active approach to public safety.  Since that time, Flint is no longer one of America’s most dangerous cities.  My Police Chief re-established and empowered CATT because it was the RIGHT THING to do to reduce crime.

My track record is clear, I’ve done and will continue to do the RIGHT THING for Flint.  I am fighting for clean, safe drinking water; I am making public safety a priority; and I am stimulating economic development.  My administration worked closely with the Flint Genesee County Chamber of Commerce to attract the LEAR Corporation to Flint and that means more than 600 jobs in the City of Flint.  Our economic development efforts are grounded in coordination, collaboration, and cooperation because it’s the RIGHT THING to do.

As you prepare to go to the polls on Tuesday, November 7th, remember the candidate that has done the RIGHT THING for you and the City of Flint.

Dr. Karen W. Weaver, Mayor of the City of Flint

As the City of Flint Mayor, Karen Weaver has:

  • Declared a State of Emergency due to the Flint Water Crisis
  • She carried the voice of Flint residents to the National Spotlight
  • Represented Flint at Congressional hearings on Water Crisis
  • Fought the State to get our water switched to the Great Lakes Water Authority
  • Met with President Barack Obama in the White House on behalf of Flint residents
  • $41.7 million dollars and water credits 65% for residents and 20% for businesses
  • Open dialogue with President Trump to discuss needs of Flint residents
  • Work to keep National and International awareness on the needs of Flint residents

Public Safety Upgrades in the City of Flint under Karen Weaver

  • Worked with Fire Chief to secure safer grant funding:
    • 41 firefighters were added and reopening the Atherton Road Fire Station
    • Sustained from laying off Police Officers while creating the Flint Police Reserve Unit
      with 25 reserve officers and another recruitment scheduled
    • Reestablished crime-fighting, Crime Area Target Team (C.A.T.T.) squad
    • Crime is down, Flint is now off the top 10 list for crime rate per-capita

Job Creation under Karen Weaver

  • 650 jobs projected with Lear Corporation and Chamber of Commerce Deal
  • 200 jobs projected with C3 Ventures Deal
  • 300 jobs preserved with General Motors Flint Assembly Investment
  • Over 180 New jobs created for Flint:
    • The Pipe Replacement Fast Start Program
    • Workers hired (CORE Teams) to educate residents on Water Crisis/Maintenance
    • Workers hired to distribute water at point of distribution sites (PODS)
  • Through Foundation Grants, new positions were created:
    •  Chief Recovery Officer, Fast Start Coordinator, Chief Public Health Advisor



You are Cordially Invited…

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The Friends of Mayor Karen Weaver request the pleasure of your company for Dining and Dancing.

Location: Flint Golf Club
Date: Saturday, September 22nd, 2018
Time: 7:00pm
Admission: $125 per person

Cocktail Attire Requested – Strolling Buffet

To RSVP or for Additional Information Contact:

Donations are Accepted


Come celebrate Mayor Weaver’s Birthday

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Birthday 2018

The Friends of Karen Weaver is hosting a Birthday Celebration,

Date: Thursday, March 15, 2008
Time: 5:00pm-8:00pm
Flint Golf Club
3100 Lakewood Drive
Flint, MI 48507

Donations: $100
Business Attire is Required

Sponsorship Levels:
Platinum $2000
Gold: $1000
Silver: $500
Bronze: $250

Contact Terrye Branch for more information:


Mayor Weaver Invited to the White House to Discuss Infrastructure Needs

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(FLINT, Mich)— Members of the Trump administration have responded to Mayor Weaver’s open letter to Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Cruz, with an invitation to the White House to discuss ways to address the critical water infrastructure needs in urban communities. Mayor Weaver issued the following statement after accepting the invitation to meet with leaders Thursday in Washington, D.C.:

“I am encouraged by the invitation extended by members of the Trump Administration and look forward to discussing how these important issues can be addressed, even before a crisis occurs as it did in Flint and San Juan. We know water systems in many cities across the U.S. are old, outdated and at risk of failing at any moment. There must be guidelines, procedures, and resources in place to address these needs before the health and safety of residents is at stake, regardless of where they live. I have spoken with Mayor Cruz who expressed support and encouragement for me to take the lead on articulating the critical infrastructure needs for communities such as Flint and San Juan.

I want to thank the Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for agreeing to talk about ways we can ensure the infrastructure in our communities are being properly maintained. There are many lessons to be learned from the man-made disaster that occurred here in Flint. We need to fix what happened here and prevent it from happening someplace else, as well as develop a plan to help cities in crisis rebuild and recover.

And as I said in my State of the City address last night, I will search near and far, high and low, until Flint has the resources to rebuild its infrastructure in a way that protects our health, creates economic opportunity, and helps make our water more affordable for all residents.”


Pipes Replaced at 4,924 Flint Homes To Date

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Pipes Replaced at 4,924 Flint Homes To Date
through Mayor Weaver’s FAST Start Initiative


FLINT, Mich. — Lead-tainted service lines at 4,025 homes have been replaced so far in Phase 4 of Mayor Karen Weaver’s FAST Start initiative. The effort is part of the mayor’s plan to replace lead-tainted pipes at 6,000 Flint homes in 2017.

Crews from four area companies are replacing lead and galvanized service lines leading from the street to the water meter in residents’ homes during this fourth phase of FAST Start, extending the mayor’s efforts to restore safe, clean drinking water to Flint residents. Overall, service lines to 4,924 homes have been replaced since FAST Start launched in March 2016.

In addition, crews have identified copper service lines at a total of 1,012 homes which did not need to be replaced. Workers have begun checking the composition of 4,000 service lines using hydro-excavation. The process will allow pipe replacement crews to avoid digging up copper service lines and concentrate just on homes with lead and galvanized pipes. So far, lines at 3,840 homes have been checked.

To be eligible for service line replacements, residents must have an active water account. They also must have signed a consent card giving permission for the work to be done (consent cards are being delivered to residents). In rental homes, both the owner and the tenant must sign consent cards. Residents are urged to sign the consent cards as soon as possible, so crews working in their neighborhood can replace their service line.

FAST Start crews will continue work in the following areas this and next week:

  • Goyette Mechanical Co.: Dickenson Street, Forest Hill Avenue, Frank Street, Mackin    Road, Milbourne Avenue, Mt. Elliott Avenue, Nolen Drive, Prospect Street, St. Clair Avenue, and Wolcott Street
  • W.T. Stevens Construction: Alexander Street, Avon Street, Cassius Street, Crapo Street, East Street, Edwin Avenue, Green Street, Iroquois Avenue, Mason Street, Marvin Street, McKeighan Avenue, McKinley Street, Menton Street, North Street, Pierson Road, Red Arrow Road, Robin Street, Second Street, Shawnee Avenue, Third Street, Thomson Street, Tilden Street, W. Van Wagoner Avenue, and Young Street
  • Lang Construction: Avenue A., Bonbright Street, Buick Street, Chippewa Street, Mildred Street, and Warren Street
  • Waldorf and Sons: Burns Street, Minnesota Avenue, and N. Lynch Avenue

The goal is to have all of Flint’s lead-tainted service lines — nearly 20,000 — replaced by 2020, with 6,000 pipes replaced annually over the next three years.

More information about the FAST Start initiative can be found on the City of Flint website as well as the City of Flint FAST Start Facebook page. Questions about FAST Start may be directed to the FAST Start office by emailing or by calling (810) 410-1133.


Mayor Issues Statement on GM Investment Announcement

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(FLINT, Mich)— Mayor Karen Weaver issued the following statement today in response to an announcement from General Motors that the company is investing $79 million to construct a new trim shop at its Flint Assembly Center to enhance future product development and improve the quality of its award-winning trucks:

“It is great to know that General Motors remains committed to building quality vehicles in the City of Flint,” said Mayor Weaver. “This is a huge investment. It shows that General Motors is positioning itself to continue its long history with Flint well into the future. This is a win for current and future employees of the Flint Assembly plant, and for the City of Flint overall.”

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