2015 April

MTA Announced “Ride to Groceries” Service

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Residents in Flint are unable to purchase groceries in their own city. Their only grocery store, Kroger, is scheduled to close this Saturday. What does that mean for the citizens of Flint that do not have reliable transportation? It means they have to take a bus to the grocery store, located outside of the city.


Karen Williams Weaver states: “While we certainly appreciate MTA being a temporary relief for grocery shoppers to be transported outside of the city to shop, what we really need are grocery stores in the city of Flint.”


When times are hard, people try to pinch pennies and endure. What Flint really needs are people to believe in it again. Many times we hear about investors that can revitalize a city. Flint just wants to people to believe they can thrive. Investment needs to come into Flint and bring grocery stores with it.


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Renovations for Kettering

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Kettering University bought Atwood Stadium over a year ago and promised to make improvements. That time for improvements is now. When Kettering University purchased Atwood Stadium, they were hoping to expand the use of the field.

Karen Williams Weaver is in full support and is excited about the new addition. “This will be great for the area.”

Kettering is trying to raise more than $2 million for the turf and other improvements. This project will not finish quickly, but with everyone’s support, it can get done.

Student Shines at Flint Northwestern

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Education is the most important part of a young person’s life. When a student strives to excel in education and really take it seriously, great things can happen. For Zackir Metcalf, he made it a reality. Finishing near the top of one’s class shows both dedication and motivation. We are all proud of Zackir for his perseverance and commitment to education.

Flint Charter Review Commission Forum

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Across the state, people will head to the polls on May 5th to decide the road funding ballot proposal. Voters in Flint will also elect a Charter Review Commissions.

The Mott Park Neighborhood Association will be hosting a candidate forum next week to help voters make an informed choice. The forum is on Monday, April 27, from 7-9 p.m. at Kettering University’s auditorium.

This forum is designed to give voters the chance to talk to the 13 candidates for the commission who will have the job of examining Flint’s city charter and proposing changes for the first time in more than 40 years.

Now is the time to make a change if we feel the need. Please come and show your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. These are the people we are looking elect.

Be sure to vote on May 5th. Have knowledge on where the candidates stand, and remember that our voices should be heard through the people we elect.

Weiss Child Advocacy Center plants pinwheel garden for start of Child Abuse Prevention Month

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April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Planting pinwheels, one by one – thousands of reminders.

There are 2,000 confirmed cases of child abuse in Genesee County each year.

“That’s an awful lot of children,” said Marcia Franks, Weiss Child Advocacy Center.

With those numbers in mind, the Weiss Child Advocacy Center in Flint planted a pinwheel garden and released blue balloons into the sky to honor the start of Child Abuse Prevention Month.


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