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Water Epidemic

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Every citizen of Flint knows there is a water issue. Everyone watching the news in the surrounding area knows there is a problem. If this problem is so visible, why does the Mayor refuse to comment on it? More importantly, why is the mayor being as transparent as our drinking water?

WNEM recently asked a “tough question.” What were his findings? City Hall wouldn’t comment. If you think that’s outrageous, watch the video below.

This video helps breakdown where the money goes. For more information, reach out to Mayor Walling on Facebook, his website, or stop by City Hall. Demand answers. It is our right as citizens to know where our money is going.


Big Job Ahead for Flint Charter Review Commission

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FLINT, MI — Voters have chosen the nine members of the Flint Charter Review Commission.

Now comes the hard part: Rewriting what some describe as the city’s constitution for the first time in more than 40 years.

Unofficial results from the Tuesday, May 5 election showed these nine candidates winning in the race to serve on the commission: John D. Cherry, Brian Larkin, Cleora Magee, Victoria McKenze, Charles Metcalfe, Heidi Phaneuf, James Richardson, Marsha Wesley, and Barry Williams.

Other candidates on the ballot Tuesday were Melodee Mabbitt, Stephen Mintline, Jerry Preston, and Nayyirah Shariff.

Cherry, the top vote-getter, said the commission has a big, important job ahead.

“We’re going to have to … spend a lot of time talking to folks and finding out the biggest concerns are and figure out how we can reflect those changes” they want, Cherry said.

Tuesday’s election came after more than 56 percent of Flint voters approved moving ahead with the election of a charter commission in November.


A Big Win for Women

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Loretta Lynch won confirmation as the nation’s first black female attorney general Thursday from a Senate that forced her to wait more than five months for the title and remained divided to the end.


The 56-43 vote was enough to confirm Lynch, who is replacing Eric Holder. This is a big step for women everywhere.


Karen Williams Weaver, nominee for Mayor of Flint, commented on the appointment. “This is just one more glass ceiling that has been broken. It’s a long time coming. It gives women everywhere hope. That is one thing we want to restore.”


Lynch is viewed as a hard, but extremely fair, prosecutor. It will be her job to ensure things are done right.


For more information, click the link below to read the full article:



Cleaning Up Our Community

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Cleaning up the community in all cities in this great nation is something every citizen should strive to achieve. It’s easy to say we should “clean up the city” because these are merely words. Actions speak louder than words, and for 10-year old Isaiah Watson, cleaning up the community takes action.


From the mouth of a child, Watson believes that contributing to the community can make a difference. If everyone pitches in, we can clean up this great city.

I’m proud to be a citizen of Flint, and I’m even more proud that people care. Included below, please watch the video of Isaiah Watson, and share this with others. Isaiah deserves recognition for having the will and determination to change his surroundings.

Scholarship Established in Memory of Tendaji Ganges

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A scholarship has recently been established at the University of Michigan-Flint in honor of former executive director of Educational Opportunity Initiatives, Tendaji Ganges, which will begin in 2015.

Ganges served as the university’s key leader in diversity initiatives and had numerous accomplishments.

Karen Williams Weaver is in total support of the scholarship in Tendaji Ganges’ honor. “It is a great loss to the campaign, because he was a vital part,” she says. “The community mourns his loss. He was working with me to become mayor. He will be greatly missed.”

Donations for the scholarship will be accepted at the memorial service, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 23rd, from 3-6 p.m. Donations will also be accepted through the University.



Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment, Proposal 1

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Raising taxes always hits us where it hurts: our wallets. I believe that understanding both sides of the argument will help the citizens of Flint make a more sound and honest judgment. I recently read to articles, which I will share with you, and found that they offer readings on both sides of the argument. I strongly urge everyone to follow the links below and read the articles before making a decision.

Once you have decided what you feel is right for you and the citizens of Flint, go out and vote on Tuesday, May 5th.  Your vote counts. Make sure you voice your opinion, and tell me what you think. We all need to look out for one another.

http://ballotpedia.org/Michigan_Sales_Tax_   Increase_for_Transportation_Amendment,_Proposal_1_%28May_2015%29



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