2015 October

Flint Civilians Help Protect Each Other from Violent Crime

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For years, crime has been running rampant on the streets of Flint. It all started when the auto industry moved out of the city and left many people jobless and struggling to get by. The city of Flint has not been able to provide ample police support to take the city back from the criminals so many citizens are taking matters into their own hands. A group in Flint has begun to post information on social media networks including when and where crime is happening so innocent citizens and bystanders can keep themselves safe and out of the mix. Check out the video below to learn more about this group.



To learn more about crime in Flint and what mayoral candidate Karen Weaver plans to do about it, visit www.karenaboutflint.com.

Other Crimes Down, Murder Up in Flint for 2015

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Although last year’s murder count in Flint indicated things may finally be looking up for the city, this year, the situation got worse. As of this past May, the city was on pace for averaging one murder a week for the year 2015.

While this year has brought a decrease in other violent crimes in Flint such as larceny and arson, it is hard to argue for a bright side with a murder rate this high. Police officers in Flint attribute the decrease in certain crimes to community vigilance and claim that if more community members speak up and cooperate with police, it is likely that the city can get the murder count down as well. Click here to read the article below for more information on Flint crime in 2015.

To learn more about 2015 Flint crime or what mayoral candidate Karen Weaver plans to do about it, visit www.karenaboutflint.com.

Crime by the Numbers: Flint 2013

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Violent crime has been a sad yet constant part of life in Flint for the past several years. The increase in these numbers is often attributed to the lack of jobs and high poverty level of the city. It is important for community members to understand the types of crime where they live so they know how to protect themselves and help law enforcement when needed. Check out some of these Flint crime statistics from 2013, just two years ago.

  • The murder rate in Flint was almost 10 times the national average.
  • For every 100,000 people in Flint, 1,908 would be a victim of violent crime (murder, rape, robbery, assault).
  • The overall crime rate for Flint was 99% higher than the national average.
  • You had a 1 in 17 chance of becoming a victim of any crime in Flint.
  • There were a total of just 140 law enforcement workers (officers and civilians) for a population of 103,263.

For more information on crime in Flint and what mayoral candidate Karen Weaver plans to do about it, visit www.karenaboutflint.com.

Less Cops Means More Violence in Flint

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One of the biggest problems in Flint today is violent crime. The recent increase in violent crimes such as rape, homicide and arson can be attributed to poverty, unemployment and several other factors. However, the lack of adequate police enforcement is what allows the violence to continue. Government officials laid off many law enforcement officers in Flint, resulting in the city having one of the highest civilian-to-cop ratios in the country. Check out this video to see what the people of Flint are saying about the decrease in police officers.


To learn more about Flint crime and what mayoral candidate Karen Weaver plans to do about it, visit www.karenaboutflint.com.

How Flint Became one of the Most Dangerous Places to Live

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In recent years, Flint has gone from being a thriving auto city to one of the poorest and most dangerous cities in the country. Many wonder how this can happen, however, the progression of the decline makes a lot of sense.

When the auto plants relocated, many Flint residents were left unemployed and struggling to get by. This caused people to resort to crime or illegal activity to make a living. Police say that involvement in illegal activity dramatically increases the chance of exposure to violent crime, which is what has made Flint so dangerous. Click here to learn more about how Flint has become one of the most dangerous cities in America.

To learn more about Flint crime and how Karen Weaver plans to make Flint safer for everyone, visit www.karenaboutflint.com.

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