Aging Pipelines in Flint, Michigan

The pipeline system in Flint is aging and as a result, residents are faced with a situation where they have to consume and bathe in water with high levels of copper, lead and E. coli.  This unfortunate situation has lead the city to turn to the Flint River as a source of clean water, despite having some issues of its own.

The price of water supplied to Flint by Detroit has steadily become a greater and greater financial burden to the city.  While it is imperative that the city maintain a source of clean water for its citizens, the cost has skyrocketed by 73% in just 9 years.

The city is struggling to appropriate the necessary funds toward building up the its water-piping infrastructure.  To help alleviate the problem, Genesee County is currently building a pipeline in conjunction with other Michigan counties that will connect Lake Huron to mid-Michigan. The pipeline being created by Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline is scheduled to be complete in a year’s time.  In the meantime, the city has decided to allocate $2.8 million toward the treatment of water from the Flint River.  This cost is significantly less than the $12 million that the city would otherwise have to pay Detroit.

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