Big Job Ahead for Flint Charter Review Commission

FLINT, MI — Voters have chosen the nine members of the Flint Charter Review Commission.

Now comes the hard part: Rewriting what some describe as the city’s constitution for the first time in more than 40 years.

Unofficial results from the Tuesday, May 5 election showed these nine candidates winning in the race to serve on the commission: John D. Cherry, Brian Larkin, Cleora Magee, Victoria McKenze, Charles Metcalfe, Heidi Phaneuf, James Richardson, Marsha Wesley, and Barry Williams.

Other candidates on the ballot Tuesday were Melodee Mabbitt, Stephen Mintline, Jerry Preston, and Nayyirah Shariff.

Cherry, the top vote-getter, said the commission has a big, important job ahead.

“We’re going to have to … spend a lot of time talking to folks and finding out the biggest concerns are and figure out how we can reflect those changes” they want, Cherry said.

Tuesday’s election came after more than 56 percent of Flint voters approved moving ahead with the election of a charter commission in November.

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