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Financial Stability:

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Upon taking office I will thoroughly familiarize myself with every line item in the general fund, every special fund, and every source of revenue. Beyond that I will:

A.) Conduct a forensic audit of the general fund and all special funds to ensure there are no additional hidden financial mishaps or miscues in the city’s coffers.

B.) Meet with the governor to implore him to return the city of Flint to actual home rule as opposed to the current structure which is just another emergency manager at the reigns of city government with the MTAB to back her up.

C.) Meet with every department and division head in city government to advise them that austerity is the rule of the day, and that I will demand a tight and fiscally sound operation of each department and division.

D.) I will convene a committee of local financial experts who will meet at least once monthly, to serve as monitors of the city’s general fund. Down the road

I will retain experts to advise me on how we can completely over haul and right size city government to make it more compatible with our population loss and revenue streams, including consolidating departments, streamlining and combining functions, and trimming fat and excess wherever possible.

My position on Flint’s water woes:

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First and foremost, as a stop gap measure until the Karendgondi water pipeline is up and running, I will strongly advocate that the City of Flint purchase its water directly from  Genesee County, which ironically is still buying its water from the Detroit Department of Water and Sewerage. I say advocate at this point because, thanks to a few City Council members, any major decision proposed by the Mayor or City Council has to pass muster with the MTAB, the mechanism put in place to oversee city operations for an unspecified period of time in the absence of an emergency manager. Also, in direct contradiction to the City Charter, the city of Flint has an omnipotent city administrator who was bequeathed unparalleled powers to run the city by decree of Flint’s last emergency manager as a departing gesture. I will fight vigorously to return the city to its sovereign right, as a government by the people, in full compliance with the current City Charter, while simultaneously advocating for the stop gap measure I alluded to above.

I feel it is critical to act expeditiously to remove our citizens and our infrastructure from any further harm posed by Flint River water. The Virginia Tech studies have shown that Flint River water is seven times more corrosive than Detroit water, and is a direct cause of lead leaching from pipes used in our water delivery system. Flint River water is not only posing a tremendous health hazard to our people, it is also corroding our already frail infrastructure. The impending damage to both is immeasurable.




From business to campaign, Karen Weaver aims to be first female Flint mayor

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FLINT, MI — Mayoral candidate Karen Weaver says she’s ready to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Gov. Rick Snyder about returning Flint to the control of elected local leaders.

It’s a job Weaver, who earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Michigan State University, says incumbent Dayne Walling has already failed to do when given the chance.

“The Walling administration deserves a failing grade. (The mayor) has failed the people of this city (by) allowing the city to fall into state hands once again …,” Weaver said in response to a questionnaire from The Flint Journal-MLive.

Weaver, 56, has moved from business owner and community booster to mounting her first campaign for public office, one of three challengers hoping to unseat Walling in the Aug. 4 primary election.

Two city councilmen — Wantwaz Davis and Eric Mays — and eight registered write-in candidates are also vying for the job.

Weaver has served on boards and committees in the city, including the Hurley Hospital Board of Managers, Priority Children and the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. If elected in November, she would be Flint’s first female mayor.

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