Mayor to Speak This Evening at Democratic National Convention

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Flint Mayor to Speak This Evening at
Democratic National Convention


(Flint, Mich) — Flint Mayor Karen Weaver is set to take the stage Wednesday, July 27, 2016 to address the crowd and the millions tuned in to watch the Democratic National Convention. She is scheduled to speak at around 6:30 p.m.

Mayor Weaver plans to make the most of the opportunity to keep the City of Flint in the national spotlight. While progress is being made to help the city recover from the man-made water disaster, Flint still has a long way to go and should not be forgotten. The sad fact remains, residents still can’t drink water straight from the tap. This issue must be addressed to get the city back on track and to retain and attract more people and businesses.
            During a visit to Flint earlier this year, Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton said as president she would make Flint a priority. Mayor Weaver plans to speak about Secretary Clinton’s commitment to the people and the City of Flint and how that commitment could make a significant impact in moving Flint forward.


Shea Lavelle Boutique Opening

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There comes a time in your life when you step out to do the thing that you’ve never done before. The thing that you’ve dreamed about but never attempted because you were consumed by the daily business of life.


For Karen Williams Weaver, the time is now. A lifelong resident, graduate of Flint Community Schools, lifelong member of Vernon Chapel, mental health professional, wife to Wrex, mother to Adrienne, Alana and Doug and friend too many, has embarked on a new journey with the opening of Shea Lavelle Boutique.


Shea Lavell Boutique is located at 3515 E. Court Street, between Averill and Center Road in Flint. The beautiful store space has a wide variety of pure shea products, including; shea butter, shea oil, shelow, 100% argan oil, al natural soaps, body scrubs and washes, hot oil hair treatments, natural sponge and brushes, and many more.


Karen’s entrepreneur spirit is inspired by her parents, Dr. Wendell and Marian Williams. Pioneers in the Flint community through medicine, education and community services. Now Karen is following in their footsteps by continuing to invest in Flint. As she is known to tell anyone “I Love Flint”. Her investment in this new small business is a statement of her belief that this is a community worth supporting and is hopeful that Shea Lavelle Boutique will support the local economy, while providing all natural and affordable products to its residents.


This article was originally published in the Courier of Flint, Michigan on September 23, 2012.

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