Gov. Snyder actively working toward solution for water crisis in Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/30/15) – Governor Rick Snyder is talking Flint water in Lansing, but still one big question remains – will Flint switch back to the Detroit water system?

The move has been gaining momentum in Flint and Lansing.

Wednesday, Snyder was asked about the Flint water crisis at a press conference for the newly-appointed Michigan Supreme Court Justice.

He told reporters that he’s working with city, state and federal leaders to come up with a plan to get better quality water flowing to the people of Flint – faster.

Whether or not that means switching to the Detroit water system from the Flint River is still a mystery.

“It appears that lead levels could be higher, or have increased. What can be done to deal with that in an effective fashion. Again, were looking at making sure they’re within safe limits according to the Federal Government, and I would expect us to have more to talk about this subject before the end of the week,” Snyder said.

ABC12 News learned this week that Snyder had a hand in distributing 1,500 water filters to Flint homes about a month ago.

He confirmed that at least part of the state’s future involvement in the crisis will include bringing more of those filters to the people of Flint.

Kalamazoo church brings bottled water to Flint

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FLINT (WJRT) - (09/30/15) – A church congregation 130 miles away from Flint was touched when it heard about Flint’s water worries.

Members of the First Congregational Church in downtown Kalamazoo heard about the problem with lead in the Flint water and wanted to help. So they passed around the offering plate and then went shopping for water.

A van and a crossover arrived jammed with 4,500 bottles of water, enough for nearly every student in the Flint Community Schools.

“I think that’s terrible, in the school of all places, where you expect kids to be safe, and lead is nasty stuff. That’s something we can’t have kids exposed to,” said Rev. Nathan Dannison, of the First Congregational Church of Kalamazoo.

The water was left at the administration building loading dock, where it will be divided up and sent to every Flint school. The church hopes to return with more water and water filters.

“We tend to put feet to our faith as soon as possible, so we trust that God’s going to come through for us and make sure we raise the resources we need to continue bringing fresh water,” Dannison said.

“We really appreciate the community wrapping its arms around our schools and helping us provide safe drinking water for all of our students. This will assure them that they’re getting clean drinking water for their learning and education,” said Tony Sitko, Flint Community Schools director of shared services.

“We all have to pull together and do what we can,” Dannison said.

If you want to donate bottled water, you can leave it at neighborhood Flint schools from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on weekdays.

There’s a high demand for bottled water at the high schools because of after-school programs and athletics.

Cashier’s checks and money orders made out to Flint Community Schools are also accepted.

More than 13,000 bottles of water have already been donated.

Water Epidemic

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Every citizen of Flint knows there is a water issue. Everyone watching the news in the surrounding area knows there is a problem. If this problem is so visible, why does the Mayor refuse to comment on it? More importantly, why is the mayor being as transparent as our drinking water?

WNEM recently asked a “tough question.” What were his findings? City Hall wouldn’t comment. If you think that’s outrageous, watch the video below.

This video helps breakdown where the money goes. For more information, reach out to Mayor Walling on Facebook, his website, or stop by City Hall. Demand answers. It is our right as citizens to know where our money is going.


Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment, Proposal 1

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Raising taxes always hits us where it hurts: our wallets. I believe that understanding both sides of the argument will help the citizens of Flint make a more sound and honest judgment. I recently read to articles, which I will share with you, and found that they offer readings on both sides of the argument. I strongly urge everyone to follow the links below and read the articles before making a decision.

Once you have decided what you feel is right for you and the citizens of Flint, go out and vote on Tuesday, May 5th.  Your vote counts. Make sure you voice your opinion, and tell me what you think. We all need to look out for one another.

http://ballotpedia.org/Michigan_Sales_Tax_   Increase_for_Transportation_Amendment,_Proposal_1_%28May_2015%29




The Public Should be Outraged!

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As a concerned citizen, and a lifelong resident of the city of Flint, I am saddened and disappointed about the situation we find ourselves in, in 2014. To listen to the rhetoric, the noise coming from the Emergency Financial Manager, Darnell Early, and the recommendations coming from the twenty two members comprising the Blue Ribbon Committee is outlandish.


First and foremost, the legitimacy of the committee is in doubt. According to The Charter Revision Handbook, Michigan Municipal League, page 5, a change in form of government requires a charter revision. More specifically, “revision of city charters may be initiated by a resolution adopted by 3/5 of the legislative body or by petition signed by at least five percent of the registered voters, unless the present charter provides otherwise.” Whichever way this is achieved, the decision to revise the charter is one that is voted on by the people.


Additionally, a nine member commission committee must also be selected to do the revisions, and none of these committee members can be an elected or appointed official. The committee must also be voted on by the people. These are just a few but very important violations committed by this Blue Ribbon Committee, which was put in place by the EFM.


Where is the outrage over such terrible violations of the city charter and the rights of the people of the city of Flint? Where is the open meeting discussion from the people? To take it a step further, city council asked for a special meeting to give the people and themselves adequate time to discuss the recommendations in a public setting, their request was denied as well. It’s beginning to be more shameful and ridiculous that this kind of behavior is being forced on the people.


We are being told that these are recommendations that we are going to vote on. The question in one’s mind is: are these legitimate recommendations by an illegitimate group? This has the perceived spirit of a return to 50 years ago; to fall under this kind of dictatorship! In order to not go back 50 years, the public should be well versed, and it should be openly discussed among Flint voters, not just 22, but 80,000 plus registered voters. The entire voice of the Flint residents should be the Blue Ribbon Committee. Are some of the recommendations good? That has yet to be determined; the process certainly was not.

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