Feds sending in experts to help Flint keep lead out of water

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FLINT, MI — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says it will send help to the city as it develops plans for controlling corrosion in treated Flint River water, a key to keeping lead from leaching into homes and businesses.

The EPA said that while city water is within allowable levels for lead, it has “recommended that Flint implement corrosion control treatment as soon as possible since the city’s lead service lines can leach lead into the drinking water if left untreated.”

The statement was issued to The Flint Journal-MLive Wednesday, Sept. 9, one day after researchers from Virginia Tech University advised Flint residents not to drink or cook with tap water here without flushing lines before each use or using a filter to remove lead.

Virginia Tech students and faculty have posted the results of 252 water tests from Flint online, concluding the city has “a very serious lead in water problem.”

The Virginia Tech testing so far has shown 10 percent of the water samples from across the city tested at 25 parts per billion of lead or more — far more than the allowable level — 15 ppb — set in federal guidelines.

Overall, the Virginia Tech testing showed 16.7 percent of Flint samples showed more than 15 ppb of lead.

Meanwhile, the city’s official test results show 90 percent or more of the samples are 15 ppb or less, according to the state, and the water is meeting all standards for safety.

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