Is History in the Making for Flint?

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On Tuesday, August 4, 2015, the voters in the City of Flint, showed that change was wanted. The results of the election showed that 56% of the voters desired change, while 44% desired business as usual.

Although the voter turnout was low (which appears to be consistent with the morale in the city), everyone who exercised their right was appreciated   As a people, we have got to utilize the power of our vote, which was paid for by our forefathers and mothers with their prayers, marches, time in jail and sometimes even their blood shed.  Our apathy in the voting booth is a desired outcome of Emergency Financial Management, but we in Flint have to prove that we know the power in a democracy is our vote.

Change only comes by the will of the people!  Change in the water crisis in Flint; Change in the safety of our citizens; Change in our neighborhood stabilization; Change in our economic opportunities in all parts of our city.  The voters have said that change is what they want in Flint and they want it to be restored to the flourishing city that it once was.

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