MTA Announced “Ride to Groceries” Service

By April 27, 2015 Flint No Comments

Residents in Flint are unable to purchase groceries in their own city. Their only grocery store, Kroger, is scheduled to close this Saturday. What does that mean for the citizens of Flint that do not have reliable transportation? It means they have to take a bus to the grocery store, located outside of the city.


Karen Williams Weaver states: “While we certainly appreciate MTA being a temporary relief for grocery shoppers to be transported outside of the city to shop, what we really need are grocery stores in the city of Flint.”


When times are hard, people try to pinch pennies and endure. What Flint really needs are people to believe in it again. Many times we hear about investors that can revitalize a city. Flint just wants to people to believe they can thrive. Investment needs to come into Flint and bring grocery stores with it.


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