It is legal to purchase marijuana in Michigan but illegal to receive Crypto Donations for political campaigns

Flint, Michigan
2:00 PM

Let me start off by saying that I am not the former mayor and current candidate for mayor of Flint; Dr. Karen Weaver.

I am just a frustrated citizen that decided to volunteer and support the person that I believe has the residents best interest at heart.

Flint is the birthplace of General Motors, but it is now more commonly known as ‘the city with messed up water’.

The state tells us that the water is fine, the current administration echoes what the state tells it, but the people who live here will tell you a different story.

Dr. Karen Weaver was one of the only people to speak up about the injustices and helped bring Flint national attention about our water crisis. As a result, you can only imagine that she made a lot of political enemies.

So much so, that our Governor, “Gretchen Whitmer”, in an unprecedented move; visited Flint and endorsed the current mayor for reelection.

Karen Weaver responded saying, “That’s the Governors choice and I’m asking the voters of Flint to make Dr. Karen Williams Weaver their choice.”

My first Dilemma

Dr. Karen had called me and said; “Hey I just heard some news about Miami possibly becoming a crypto hub, why can’t we do something like that here?”

At this point I was just gaining access to her social sites. I would find that her website in which I am currently writing on was expired. Another person who went rogue and joined the opposition had access to her Twitter account @KarenaboutFlint

As you can see, I was able to recover her domain name, but her Twitter account as been inaccessible by her since December 16th 2021. I have sent numerous messages to Twitter only to be assaulted by robot after robot and finally them telling us that there is nothing that they can do. I have tried creating a new twitter only to go through the verification process and immediately be declined for the blue check that lets others know that this is indeed an authentic page. So, if you happen to come across this and know of a human that works inside Twitter please reach out to me via the contact form. Thank you.

My second Dilemma

This came about with the website she was using to accept donations on her old domain. I believe it was called QGiv. I don’t have anything bad to say about them as company, it’s just I was more familiar with donating to political candidates using Actblue so I recommended her to switch providers and give them a try.

In the meantime of messaging Twitter, I would see how I could get her set up with accepting crypto donations. I will admit I did things backwards in this step. I did some research online and couldn’t find anything really to my liking as far as easily integrating to wordpress.

I reached out to a few connections I knew locally and a person suggested that there was new coin company called French Connection Finance and that their utility was a company called FCFPAY that allowed businesses to accept any crypto. I was put into contact with their COO and asked if they could develop a donation widget compatible with wordpress and gave them a few specs on things I knew campaign finance laws required.

At this point I was excited, and I told Dr. Weaver the great news that a system would be in place in a few days in order for her to start accepting crypto donations. As I was awaiting for the widget to be created, I was still online searching for alternative solutions just in case that company couldn’t deliver or perhaps it was one already in place with reviews in place that I had just simply missed.

It was then I ran across an article that said, “No Coins for You! Michigan Bans Crypto Donations for Political Campaigns

Michigan’s campaign finance board has formally indicated that campaign donations made using cryptocurrency are not allowed in the state. In a November 8 letter addressed to Michigan state legislature candidate William Baker, who earlier made an inquiry on the issue before losing in the recent mid-term elections, the Michigan Department of State informed Baker that according to the Michigan Campaign Finance Act (MCFA) and the Administrative Procedures Act (APA), campaign donations cannot be made in bitcoin and other crypto tokens due to their frequently fluctuating values.

Michigan Thumbs Nose at Bitcoin-Friendly Politicians

In the letter signed by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson, it was stated that campaign donations may not be made in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because, by nature, the value of these crypto assets is not fixed, and their volatility makes it impossible to assign an exact dollar value to them in administrative terms. Where it is not possible to ascertain the exact value of a contribution, such a contribution becomes invalid in the eyes of law, since ascertainable monetary value is a primary condition for a campaign contribution to be recognized as such.

I have a meeting with Dr. Karen Weaver and her team in four hours. Not only do I have to tell her that I’m unable to gain access to her Twitter account, but also that she isn’t allowed to accept crypto donations on the website and that she’s only raised ~$2k via Actblue so far.

I also have to send Joe over at FCFPAY an email and thank him and his team for their hard work with donation widget; but my client simply can’t use it because it’s illegal. Hasn’t any of these smart finance people ever heard of stable coins, and no I’m not referring to UST and Terra collapse; but something that Michigan may consider stepping into the 21st century and adopting?

Perhaps there are smart people out there that may one day read this; and think of a way to attack these archaic laws. Hopefully Dr. Karen Weaver wins the election and the crypto community would have another Pro-Crypto ally on their sides.

All I know is that I’m not going to worry about what happens. I’m going to wash my face with a bottle of water, get into my car and drive past the boarded up houses a few streets over, and the abandoned national grocery chain stores that use to be in the area and pick from one of the three brand new marijuana dispensaries in the area and get a pre-roll joint. After all, it’s legal to buy recreational marijuana in Flint, but illegal to donate to a political candidate. Go figure!



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