Public Safety




I have a plan to reduce crime TODAY!

Dear Flint Residents,

Like many of you, I believe that in order to have a thriving community, we must have a safe community. I, too, am horrified by the uptick in crime taking place in the great City of Flint. As hardworking residents, many of us are actually afraid to leave our homes and no one should have to live like that.

If elected, I will again consider your safety at every level from upstream prevention to community policing.

In communities where residents have the opportunities to learn, earn a good living, and young people especially, can stay healthy and active, crime is naturally lower. This is why I would, again make every decision with the public’s safety, health and wellbeing in mind by re-implementing Health Equity in All Policies for the City of Flint.

When I served as Flint Mayor, I appointed, a local leader who understands what it means to engage this community, promote safety,  and ultimately reduce crime. We went from being ranked amongst the top three most dangerous cities to Flint not even being on the list. We made that happen together, Flint!

Under the current administration, according to Flint crime statistics, we had 214 shootings, 48 shooting related homicides, and 10 other homicides between January and December 2020. Unfortunately, 2021 was even worse. Between January and December 2021, we saw that increase to 217 shootings, with 61 shooting related homicides and 6 other homicides. We know we can do better because we have done better.

Flint, I am asking for you to vote for safety, transparency, and crime prevention that works.

I am asking that you vote for me, Dr. Karen Weaver, because we deserve a safer Flint community!

Thank you.