Save the house of Esther

So, I’ve become very interested in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, it’s growing every day… there’s literally TRILLIONS of dollars in crytpo. I would LOVE to make Flint a friendly place for this industry. It would make Flint an attractive home to big blockchain businesses, and create jobs… Flint reborn on the blockchain!

So I decided to kick off my campaign and let everyone know that I am in favor of this technology, and that I think it’s something that would be amazing for the economy of our city, and I thought “why not take crypto donations for my campaign?!”. But, guess what? It turns out it’s illegal!

So, I turned around to my team and I said, “maybe WE can’t take donations, but why don’t we do something to help local charities take crypto donations?”

My team’s done great things, together with a crypto payment company called FCF Pay and I am helping to lend my voice and platform to help get the word out about a campaign that is dear to many Flint residents hearts.

They’ve already begun raising money for House of Esther, a local charity that takes care of young single mothers, providing homing and education to them and their kids to give them independent futures and also for a Cyber School, another local charity, that’s taking youths off the streets and getting them into training programs, to learn tech skills that will help them to get well-paid jobs in the future.

If you would like to donate crypto to the House of Esther you can do so below: